Jan Bernstein

choir of things

Opening: 21st May 2022, 5 - 8 pm

People have been grappling with the concept of consumption since ancient times. Already in the 4th century BC, Greek philosopher Xenophon formulated the thesis in the very first book on microeconomics, the Oikonomikos (housekeeping), that order is the very best thing for humans and that moderate consumption brings the cosmos, i.e. order and excessive consumption results in chaos. Xenophon used choir es metaphor for perfect order beating the chaos.

Jan Bernstein is fascinated by natural grown structures appearing chaotic at first sight but truly following a clear system. In the exhibition “choir of things” Jan deals with topic as order, chaos, and critical examination of consumption. Jan Bernsteins artistic exploration gravitates towards scientific interests and physical experiments, using new technologies or academic research as sources and inspiration.

Jan Bernstein studied industrial design before he started his carrier in fine arts. His artistic practice focuses on a combination of construction and creative work. Jan`s kinetic art works are chracterized by high precession and strong craftmanship and are at the same time reflecting poetic topics like transience and eternity. Till 2016 Jan was part of the artistic collective Quandrature, In 2019 Jan became the winner of Kahnweiler Award, his works were on view at the Museum of Modern Art in Istambul, Museum of Contemporary Art in Perm his kinetic work is part of permanent installation at Berliner Schloß in Berlin.